Mu Delta Alumni Association – Easy Pledge Campaign

Paying dues and making contributions to Mu Delta has never been easier!

We have developed multiple donation and funding campaign options for the Mu Delta Chapter Alumni dues and for donations to The Mu Delta Housing Corporation and The Mu Delta Alumni Association.  These are broken down as follows:

Alumni Dues – (We will begin collecting dues, for 2014, in January 2014)

  • Option 1:  Full Years Dues – $99.  One time payment per year set up to automatically draft each subsequent year –


  • Option 2:  Full Years Dues (Payments) – $108.  $9 automatic draft each month for 12 months –

  • Option 3: Donate any amount you want. Click the Donate button to go to the form where you can add your amount.


$15 a month for 7 months…

Payments can stopped, at any time prior to draft date, by logging on to the read more

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Open Letter to the Mu Delta Initiated

February 9th

Brian Taylor ‘92
President – Mu Delta Alumni Association
Pittsboro, North Carolina

Brothers of Mu Delta and Chi Phi National Staff

I have served as the Alumni Association Vice President and President for over three years now and today I have decided that it is time for me to turn the position over to someone else.Login to Read More…

There are multiple factors driving read more

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2014 Mu Delta Chapter Housing Corporation Update

Chi Phi Fraternity – Mu Delta Chapter
Housing Corporation Update
February 10, 2014


I would like to give all of you an update on the current Mu Delta House Corp financial situation and how it ties into the current recruiting effort and restarting of the Chapter this Spring and Fall. This report is simply a disclosure of the facts we are faced with and the cost vs. revenue numbers that are pushing the Housing Corporation rapidly toward the decision that has to be made before this Summer.

We have strung this out as long as possible hoping to gain momentum read more

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Recruitment of New Members is Now Under Way in Auburn!

This Thursday, February 6, 2014, there will be an Open House informal Rush and information session at the House between 7 and 9pm hosted by Mu Delta Alumni and Chi Phi National. We expect 10 to 15 or more interested men to attend and would like to have at least as many Alumni there to generate interest in bringing Mu Delta back! If any of you are interested and can make it to Auburn this Thursday evening from Birmingham, Atlanta, Montgomery, etc. please let us know, we need your read more

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Thank you to these 2014 Contributors

2014 Contributors

  1. Jason Anderson ‘92
  2. Jay Allred ‘86
  3. Kevin Bailey ‘94
  4. Alan Biddle ‘93
  5. Brandon Blair ‘01
  6. Kevin Boyette ‘89
  7. Jeffrey Campbell ‘92
  8. Michael Carra ‘05
  9. Howard Chalmers ‘93
  10. Sam Chambliss ‘00
  11. Marcus Chatterton ‘98
  12. Steve Clay ‘83
  13. Robert Cleary ‘95
  14. Michael Craft ‘98
  15. Brian Dunson ‘91
  16. Richard Edmondson ‘87
  17. Renato Edwards ‘92
  18. Justin Eidson ‘96
  19. Rob Gauthier ‘88
  20. Greg Gerard ‘90
  21. Keith Gregory ‘02
  22. Lou Hawkins ‘88
  23. Peyton Jamison ‘05
  24. Eric Kohler ‘91
  25. Jimmy Leath ‘87
  26. Todd Leleux ‘92
  27. Richard Massey ‘86
  28. Kevin McNeill ‘96
  29. Todd McIntyre ‘87
  30. Seth Mims ‘96
  31. Tre Munger ‘96
  32. Andrew Parker ‘02
  33. Greg Pate ‘87
  34. Shawn Pearson ‘97
  35. Brian Pierce ‘92
  36. Eric O’Neal ‘02
  37. Jeff Ostermayer ‘04
  38. Bryan Schreiber ‘92
  39. Peter Shannin ‘93
  40. Michael Sienkiewicz ‘87
  41. Dan Sinnreich ‘94
  42. Richard Stephens ‘86
  43. Thomas Sneed ‘11
  44. Brian Taylor ‘92
  45. Bill Thornburg ‘86
  46. Frank Tipton ‘89
  47. Christopher Warren ‘95
  48. Michael Whitaker ‘98

Don’t be left out, read more

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Mu Delta Recruiter Fundraising Update 8-11-13

August 11, 2013



We are almost 1/2 way in meeting our goal to full fund the recruiter. He is ready to start working towards recruiting members to re-establish the Mu Delta chapter at Auburn University.

We also have 12 confirmed tenants for the upcoming academic year – kudos to the housing corporation members and house manager for making this happen. It takes a significant financial burden off of our backs as it covers the majority of housing expenses.

We have a read more

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House Rules

The following house rules are now in effect – 5/20/2013
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May 20, 2013
Auburn Alumni Association – Chi Phi Fraternity
RE:          Use of  Chi Phi House – Mu Delta Chapter – Auburn University – 319 North College Street, Auburn, AL  36830
The guidelines below have been developed due to specific and repetitive issues regarding the use of the Chi Phi – Mu Delta chapter house. 
Issues include vandalism, damage to property, parking issues, abuse of property and grounds, etc.  These guidelines are approved by Mu Delta Housing Corporation House Committee and by Jay Allred – House Manager.
All alumni need to understand these guidelines and also need to respect the fact that the house is read more

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March 29, 2013 Mu Delta Chapter House Status and Update

March 29, 2013

RE:  Status of Mu Delta Chapter House and of Mu Delta Chapter of Chi Phi



I want to give you the bullet points first and the details thereafter.  The concise statement of fact is this:

The Mu Delta Chapter is in serious peril and, unless the situation changes significantly, and changes quickly, the Mu Delta chapter house will be placed on the market and will be sold.

I.  How did this happen?

As most of you know, our chapter has been suspended by the Chi Phi National Office and by Auburn University, due read more

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