2014 Mu Delta Chapter Housing Corporation Update

Chi Phi Fraternity – Mu Delta Chapter
Housing Corporation Update
February 10, 2014


I would like to give all of you an update on the current Mu Delta House Corp financial situation and how it ties into the current recruiting effort and restarting of the Chapter this Spring and Fall. This report is simply a disclosure of the facts we are faced with and the cost vs. revenue numbers that are pushing the Housing Corporation rapidly toward the decision that has to be made before this Summer.

We have strung this out as long as possible hoping to gain momentum through the success of having new active brothers this Spring. However, the recruitment is challenging, participation and support by our alumni has been extremely limited, and we are beginning to see that re-starting the chapter will take well into the Fall and longer than our limited financial resources can support it. It’s like starting a business…..budget what you think it will take, then double it, and that’s what it will cost…LOGIN to READ MORE…

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