Chi Phi Brothers – We Need Your Help!

Hello Brothers,

Jay Allred and Jimmy Leath need some help with the chapter house.

For those of you who don’t know, these two brothers have been spearheading the house renovation, repair, and maintenance efforts since the chapter has been on suspension. More than a few brothers (both alumni and some of the currently suspended brothers) have stepped up to lend their assistance, expertise, dollars, and sweat equity to fixing what is broken, maintaining general areas, planning short and long term repair needs, and doing basic upkeep and upfits as necessary.

Here is what these guys need:

You. If you can’t be there, they need materials or funds to cover the cost of materials.

Of our many contractors out there – can you give your expertise and assistance? Anyone out there have some connections to purchasing supplies at a discount or have some materials that they could provide or donate? I know we have the resources out there so let’s try to bring them to bear.

Jay has projects that he needs done. If you can spare a few hours or a few days, your fraternity needs you. Why not adopt your old room and bring it back to full repair? If you want to gather up a group of guys and road trip over to Auburn for a repair road trip, your fraternity needs you. If you are handy with tools or maybe with just a paint brush or broom, your fraternity needs you. If you can’t make the trip or you are too far to travel, sponsor a room repair, your fraternity needs you. Can we count on you to help us? Will you come to Auburn and help us?

Calvin Durham is the point contact for the room renovations.  Calvin’s contact information:

Calvin Durham – 256.412.6009 –

Jay Allred can be contacted at 1-478-299-1063. He can tell you what is on the list and how you can help.

As of today, here is a list of projects that need attention:

  • Room 206 – room is cleared but needs to be thoroughly cleaned and painted.
  • Room 202 – room needs to be cleared, cleaned, and painted.
  • Room 203 – room needs to be cleared, cleaned, and painted.
  • Room 204 – room needs to be cleared, cleaned, and painted.
  • Room 207 – room needs to be cleared, cleaned, and painted.
  • Room 212 – room needs moderate renovation by a skilled crew, then cleaned and painted.
  • Room 303 – room needs skilled drywall work and moderate renovation with boxing in of the fire riser, closet and sleeping area reworked, and a new dormer then cleaned and painted.
  • Room 304 – room needs moderate renovation with a new dormer then cleaned and painted.
  • Room 307 – room needs skilled drywall work with drywall repair then cleaned and painted.

The occupied rooms of 201, 208, 209, 210, 211, 301, 302, and 306 need similar work but are currently occupied.

All rooms noted above, including occupied rooms, need new or refinished flooring.

May 15, 2013 – The day we come off of suspension is only 198 days away – we need your help if we are going to have the house ready.

Brothers, can we count on you?

Please contact Calvin Durham if you’re in!

Calvin Durham – 256.412.6009 –

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