Current House Situation Sept 6, 2012

Here’s the latest from the Plains.

1.       Jimmy and  Greg found a 4’ crack in the main bathroom drain line that ran through the pool room wall.   Thanks to their help, we only owe the plumbers and for drywall supplies.

2.       Jimmy and Greg replaced the ice machine drain and repaired a leak in the kitchen area sump pump outlet pipe.

3.       Room 101 is partially cleaned up.   2 old couches found their way to the landfill.   3 more are making the journey on Friday

4.       Quotes for repairing the flat roof and gables for the leaks we saw at the July 17 meeting is going slow.  Two no shows and 1 no quote.    Anyone that has pull with a renovation contractor in Auburn, please contact me.

5.       On September 8, I would like to clean out all the property that has been left in the house by past tenants.    This is the next big hurdle on getting the interior in shape.   If you can be here that day or know anyone else that can, let Jimmy or I know.

6.       We have 8 tenants in the house.   I would like to get 7 more so that the house breaks even.   If you have a relative or child at Auburn and would like to rent a room next year contact me.


Jay Allred
Treasurer, Mu Delta House Association
Treasurer, Mu Delta Alumni Association

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