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Welcome Mu Delta Alumni.

If you do not have a login with a user name and password for members-only access, you will need to request one. 

To request access, click the Directory link in the main menu and fill out the form.  This process is designed to ensure that we collect current contact information for each of our Alumni that visit.

Our Mu Delta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity was founded at Auburn University January 5th, 1982 by Cory Thomas, Mark Barton, Jim Tinkler and Tim Todd.  The charter was officially granted in March of 1983.

Chi Phi is the oldest social fraternity in America, dating back to the original Chi Phi Society founded at Princeton in 1824.  Created as a social organization; a group of like-minded individuals formed the fraternity in order to promote the values they held close to their soul.

These values can best be summarized as Truth, Honesty, and Personal Integrity. The promotion of these three values is what guides this fraternity, from initiation and throughout life.

The Alumni Association of the Mu Delta Chapter exists to nurture these values, connect and communicate with our Alumni and support and guide the active members of the chapter to ensure Mu Delta’s growth and success for generations to come.  Because we are all Chi Phi for life.

Certain areas of this website will develop further as more information becomes available to share with the group.

Help to support the Alumni Association and the Mu Delta Chapter by contributing a $99 donation in lieu of formal annual Alumni dues.


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